Electronica: Exagan demos multi-kW GaN PSUs

Exagan gfet wafer

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“With the products’ drain-source on resistance capabilities ranging from 30mΩ to 65 mΩ, these new releases provide enhanced performance and power efficiency for diverse applications including electric vehicles (EV), industrial equipment and data servers,” said the firm.

Also at Electronicain Munich, Exagan is demonstrating kilowatt-range applications its products, using topologies such as totem-pole PFC to achieve high conversion efficiency and improved power density. According to the firm, Power supplies for the server market are one of the first power applications that could benefit from its GaN solutions.

Promotign GaN power transitors for automotive use, CEO Frédéric Dupont presenting a paper called ‘From evolution to revolution: Disrupting automotive power conversion with GaN’ as the automotive converence that runs within Electronica. “Our G-Fet and G-Drive product lines offer a portfolio of GaN solutions for arange of applications spanning consumer, server and automotive markets. To work with our customers, we recently opened application centres in France and Taiwan focused on delivering GaN-based solutions for current and emerging power-conversion needs.”

Exagan is a venture between wafer firm Soitec and French research lab Leti. It makes GaN power transistors on an established 200mm CMOS manufacturing process. Partners include X-FAB silicon foundries and TÜV Nord for product quality, testing and reliability.