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EN29A0QI 10 A PowerSoC

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EN29A0QI 10 A PowerSoC

The Intel® Enpirion® EN29A0QI is optimized specifically to meet the very stringent requirements for H-Tile, L-Tile, and E-Tile transceivers

The Intel Enpirion® EN29A0QI 10 A PowerSoC module is designed to power supply rails requiring very low ripple, low EMI, and tight DC and AC accuracy, such as transceiver power rails. The device is optimized specifically to meet the very stringent requirements for H-Tile, L-Tile, and E-Tile transceivers for Intel FPGAs and accelerators, as well as transceivers for other FPGA and ASIC devices. The EN29A0QI provides high conversion efficiency while maintaining excellent accuracy.

The EN29A0QI sports a very high-performance control loop that enables a significant reduction in the bulk capacitor decoupling requirements. Bulk decoupling capacitors such as poly-tantalum or OSCON can represent reliability concerns, so reduction of these not only saves on cost and space, but also improves system reliability. The low impedance loop enables the use of thin film precision resistors which exhibit superior long-term stability and reliability. The EN29A0QI enables improved system-level reliability.

The EN29A0QI provides a high degree of programmability. This includes programmable switching frequency to allow the user to optimize the trade-offs between ripple and efficiency. Startup and shutdown timing is programmable and has a precision enable and POK to optimize sequencing. The device also features a bi-directional SYNC pin where a device can output a master clock, or synchronize to another EN29A0QI or an external system clock.

  • Input voltage up to 16 V and a VOUT range of 0.75 V to 3.3 V
  • 10 A of continuous output current with no thermal derating
  • Optimized to power noise sensitive transceiver rails: L-Tile, H-Tile, and E-Tile
  • 1.0% reference accuracy over line, load, and temperature variations
  • Very low output ripple; as low as 4 mVP-P
  • Precision enable and POK flag for sequencing
  • Switching frequency programmable over 450 kHz to 2,000 kHz range
  • Full suite of protections including input UVLO/OVLO, OCP, OTP, SCP, and OOVP
  • Monotonic startup into pre-biased loads
  • Wide bandwidth control loop reduces expensive bulk capacitors

EN29A0QI 10 A PowerSoC

Image Manufacturer Part Number Description Type Number of Outputs Voltage - Input (Min) Available Quantity View Details
12V INPUT CAPABLE LOW NOISE 10A EN29A0QI 12V INPUT CAPABLE LOW NOISE 10A Non-Isolated PoL Module 1 9V 1841 - Immediate View Details

Eval Board

Image Manufacturer Part Number Description Main Purpose Outputs and Type Voltage - Output Available Quantity View Details
EVAL BOARD FOR EN29A0QI EVB-EN29A0QI EVAL BOARD FOR EN29A0QI DC/DC, Step Down 1, Non-Isolated 0.75 V ~ 3.3 V 0 View Details