About Us

BOSER Technology Limited has evolved from an industry-leading electronics components distributor to a full service global supply chain partner.

We help create full component lifecycle and process management plans for companies with challenging inventory and supply chain needs.

Our data-driven, customer-centric solutions are customized to fit an organization’s goals and future needs. Strategic plans are based on product data, proprietary market intelligence and over 35 years of technology experience.

Supply Chain Solutions:
Sourcing of electronic components for shortages and obsolescence
Inventory management and stock optimization for excess/surplus
Bill of Material (BOM) management with analytics
Obsolescence management
Re-packaging Serivce
Programming Service
Testing Service

Our global footprint covers operations across Europe, Asia, and the Americas with native speaking regional offices to speed your market access.

We are the member of China Electronics Commerce Chamber, we insis customer first, quality first, delivery time first.

If you have any questions. You can contact us: [email protected]