Vishay launched a new high -performance reflective light sensor based on VCSEL

A few days ago, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE stock market code: VSH) announced thatLaunched new reflected light sensors for industrial, computers, consumption and mobile applications--- VCNT2030.Compared with the previous generation solution, Vishay Semiconductors's VCNT2030 saves space. At the same time, it has higher current transmission ratio (CTR), farther sensing distance and lower power consumption, thereby improving performance.This product is equipped with vertical cavity surface transmission laser (VCSEL) and silicon optical transistor, which is packaged by 1.85 mm x 1.2 mm x 0.6 mm miniature surface installation.

The components released a few days ago adopt a compact structure, and the light source and the detector are in the same plane.becauseVCSEL's narrow ± 17 ° launch angle, it provides excellent internal bruises inhibitory capabilities, which also improves the approximity performance after covering glass.The analog output signal of the VCNT2030 photoelectric transistor depends on the amount of light reflected by the object reflection from the VCSEL emission and the object reflection from the sensor field of view.The induction distance of the device is 15 mm, which is three times that of the competing products near the market.


Because of its small size, VCNT2030 has saved more than 40%of PCB space compared with the previous generation, enabling the sensor to be used as industrial infrastructure, family and building control, laptop and desktop computers, home appliances, consumer electronics and measurement applications. Light exchange solutions saving space in the field; optical codes controlled by electric bicycles, golf balls, tractors and motor motors; and paper detection in printers and scanners.In these applications, the 8MA driver current with a lower device VCSEL is enough to provide the same performance as the solution to the 20MA infrared transmitter, which significantly reduces power consumption.

The sensor has a detection range of 0.3 mm to 6 mm, the launch wavelength of 940 nm, and a typical output current of 2.5 mA, which means that under the test conditions, the typical CTR can reach 31 %.This value is more than 100 %higher than the previous generation solution and closest competing sensor.According to the J-STD-020, the device's reflux welding humidity sensitivity level (MSL) is 3.It meets the ROHS standard, without halogen, and meets the Vishay green standard.

VCNT2030 can now provide samples and have achieved mass production, and the supply cycle is 16 weeks.

Vishay Introduction

Visha is one of the world's largest separate semiconductor and passive electronic component products manufacturers. These products are critical to innovative design in automotive, industry, computing, consumption, communications, national defense, aerospace and medical markets.Serving global customers, vishay carries technology genes -the dNA of Tech.?.Vishay IntertechNology, Inc. is the "Fortune 1,000 Enterprise" listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VSH).For more information on Vishay, please visit the website