2Mbit/s (NRZ) opto-coupler with Schmitt trigger


Called the VOH1016A series, the typical input current for output turn-on is 650μA (2mA max required) with guaranteed on-off threshold hysteresis – I(off)/I(on) is between 0.5 and 0.95, typically 0.9 (Vcc 5V, 280Ω load).

Output stage supply voltage range is 3-15V (at 550μA typ, 1mA max, at 5V) – the supply voltage range allows isolated level shifting in applications using different voltage domains.

The DIP-6 and SMD-6 packages certified to UL and cUL or, for ‘V’ option packaging, UL, cUL and VDE.

All-important minimum common mode transient immunity (CMTI) is 10kV/μs guaranteed “making the devices perfect solutions for galvanic noise isolation and breaking up ground loops in digital applications”, according to Vishay, which is aiming that parts at programmable logic controllers, serial data communication and bus systems, and switch mode power supplies. Maximum rated withstand isolation voltage is 5kVrms (UL1577, t=1min).

For DIN EN 60747-5-5 ((VDE 0884-5), maximum transient isolation voltage to  is 6kVpeak, and for repetitive voltage it is 630Vpeak.

Operation is also across -40 to +100°C.